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Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults! - Adult Learn Hebrew Tutor System Alef Bet  Aleph Bet  Alef Bais
Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults!
Easy, Fun, Self-Study 9 Lesson Hebrew Reading System!
Ages: 12-Adult
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Online Price: $49.95 (List Price: $69.95)
Special Price: $39.95

Approved by the New York State Board of Education.
This is the only Hebrew Language Training System that comes with a Money Back Guarantee!
If you do not increase your Hebrew Reading Skills with this system your will get a complete refund - It's just that good - It's guaranteed!

[About] | [Features] | [Reviews] | [Images]
About - Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults!

Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults is a 9 step easy, fun, self-study Hebrew course that will give you the tools you need to be able to SPEAK, READ and UNDERSTAND Biblical & Modern Hebrew.

This is a complete course that emphasizes essential Letter recognition Skills, Vowels and grammatical usage, Proper Pronunciation in Israeli Sephardic Accent, Ability to build words and understand how sounds are made and letters are combined into meaningful words and sentences. The program provides a wide variety of useful methods that will help you become proficient in Hebrew, including the ability to read Hebrew in traditional block letters and cursive script.

Features - Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults!

Course Structure and Learning Method:

First, study the lessons. There are nine full lessons and each lesson has its own review. The pace is set by you, the user - you are never rushed along. You can learn letter by letter, word by word at a pace the suits you. Each lesson consists of a training session and review. All Narration and instruction is with human voice by Israeli teachers who coach you throughout the program and give words of encouragement when appropriate. Each screen comes with easy to follow instructions - all in English.
  • Lesson 1 Letter Hebrew Recognition & Pronunciation...
  • Lesson 2 Review of Hebrew Letters in Block Hebrew Font and Script Hebrew Font...
  • Lesson 3 Learn Hebrew Vowels & Grammatical usage...
  • Lesson 4 Review Hebrew Vowels including Shva Na and Nach...
  • Lesson 5 Experiment Building letters and spelling words learn how vowels effect consonants...
  • Lesson 6 Combine 2 Letter words with vowels to spell meaningful words and learn their meanings...
  • Lesson 7 Combine 3 Letter words with vowels to spell meaningful words and learn their meanings...
  • Lesson 8 Combine 4+ Letter words with vowels to spell meaningful words and learn their meanings...
  • Lesson 9 Learn to read full sentences, and paragraphs and understand the meaning of the Hebrew Words.

The program prepares you to be a proficient Hebrew Reader & Speaker. You'll find these sequences paced to your level and enjoyable. Above all, they are guaranteed to bolster your confidence in reading and speaking Hebrew. This program is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate Hebrew Speakers.

Images - Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults!

9 Easy Lessons
Reviews - Read & Speak Hebrew for Adults!

JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH (6/1/2007) wrote:
Rating: ***** 5 Stars out of 5

TES a leading Diaspora producer of Jewish software, has just made it easier to conquer the Hebrew language. If you are serious about learning Hebrew - then this is CD-ROM for you. "Read and Speak Hebrew for Adults" will familiarize you with the building blocks of Hebrew Letters, Vowels, Pronunciation, Word Building, Reading and Comprehension.

The CD-ROM consists of a nine-step self-study Hebrew course that make it possible to speak, read and understand modern and even Biblical Hebrew.
It starts from the beginning nothing is taken for granted. The program is very thorough and begins with the basics of Hebrew letter recognition. Just pass your cursor over each letter on the screen and its name is sounded out loud and transliterated in English to ensure correct pronunciation. In later lessons you drag shuffled letters ­that test your mastery of Aleph Bet. The program uses native Israeli Hebrew teachers to guide you through every process and give you feedback as you advance. After you mastered the letters you move on to vowels. In this session you are also trained and drilled in the basic laws of Hebrew Grammar known as Dikduk. After you think you've got that down pat, then two-, three- and four-letter Hebrew words are presented, followed by meaningful sentences. Each of the nine lessons consists of a training session and a review session that reinforces what you just learned. And best of all this can be done at your own pace.

TES collaborated with the Jewish Continuity Foundation on this excellent Hebrew-language training system. This is an excellent tool for learning Hebrew, in fact TES offers an unprecedented money-back guarantee. The company promises, that if the you do not increase your Hebrew reading skills with this system, you will get a complete refund. Now that's a deal you just can't refuse!

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