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Great Values Under $100

Jewish Art Library - Holidays I
6,000 Professional Jewish Holiday Clipart Graphics
NEW! Choose from a huge collection of vector-based professional, editable, Internet ready graphics for Jewish Holidays and Jewish Life Cycle Events. The Jewish Art Library is compatible with all popular home & business applications including: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, The Print Shop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many more!
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95
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Learn Hebrew Bundle
3 Hebrew Products, One Low Price!
1. Alef to Tav will get you up and running with the Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels. 2. Alef Bet Word Book with its unique picture association methodology will build your basic Hebrew vocabulary. 3. EZ Hebrew Phrases will get you speaking like an Israeli!
List: $149.95 Online: $116.95 Special: $59.95
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Bible Scholar - Concordance & Search
Maximize Your Bible Study Time - Quick as a Click!
The Quickest Bible Search you can buy! If you need to Search the Bible and want to know every occurrence of a letter, word or phrase here is the best money can buy. Get the instant results in Hebrew, English or both. The International Jerusalem Post rates Bible Scholar the Best Bible Searching tool available - Five Stars. From the land of the Bible by the People of the Book comes this most fantastic Bible Tool – if you study the Bible or do Bible Research you need this tool. It has blazing speed and accuracy. This program is the program of choice for anyone studying the Hebrew Bible.


List: $169.95 Online: $139.95 Special: $69.95
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Jewish Clipart - 5,000 Original Images
5,000 Original pieces of Jewish Clipart - 2 CD - MEGA LIBRARY
The most Comprehensive, Stunning and Fun Jewish Clipart by Jewish Graphics Maven - Reuven A. Stone. Windows and Macintosh viewers included. Divided into 17 Categories in separate folders makes finding the pictures you want simple. Handy jpeg internet-ready format, and vector based eps format for complete editing capabilities.

Item # 800041623

List: $149.95 Online: $119.95 Special: $89.95
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Image Pro: Israel
1200 Pieces of Hi Resolution Photos of Israel
This CD contains 1200 of our favorite images of Israel... What a great way to experience the people, places, charm, mystique, and holiness of Israel. Ideal resource for school projects needing photos of Israel and its people. (Windows, Macintosh)
List: $89.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $39.95
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NEW Jerusalem Dictionary III
English-Hebrew Dictionary, Quick Click Translator, and Verb Conjugator - Plus Much More!
From the main screen, the power of the product is readily apparent. You can spell-check and translate a word, browse the bilingual dictionary, cross-check a translation, view tense, gender, root and more. As a standalone program, simply type in a word and its translations appear. The word can be typed in English and have the translation in Hebrew or vice versa. When run in background mode, you highlight a word (English or Hebrew) in your word processor, Internet or anywhere else, press the hotkey or middle mouse button and the Jerusalem Dictionary window appears with the word already entered into the input box with its translations displayed. You can also do the same with an entire sentence or two, instead of just a single word, in which case a window appears with the full text translation!Just a wonderful Must Have Hebrew English Translation Solution.

Item # 931711770
Vendor# TOR001000
Contract# R105101

List: $89.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $49.95
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Torah Codes 2000
Look Into The Past... Learn For The Future!
Torah Codes gives you the ability to DECIPHER the Bibles deepest secrets. Codes gives you the computing power to analyze the letters and words of the Bible the way a Kabbalist would. Its the ultimate tool for DISCOVERING the Bibles hidden messages...
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95
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T.E.S. Artshop Bundle
3 CD Bundle! TES Holidays, TES Symbols, & TES Kids Clipart
T.E.S. Artshop is a complete clipart collection of editable, printable, royalty free Jewish clipart. It covers everything that kids love, and that parents and teachers need. Priced right with a built in viewer for easy access. The T.E.S. Artshop series is perfect for the professional designer as well as the teacher, activities director, educator, creative parent, as well as for children who love to create and color.


List: $179.95 Online: $119.95
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DoroTree - Jewish Family Tree Maker
Revolutionary new program for Jewish genealogists!
NEW VERSION! 3.1 Fully featured, multilingual genealogy program. Many people dedicate years building their Family Tree. Even if they use the latest software it is a big undertaking. However that is not so when it comes to Doro Tree. Doro Tree was developed in Israel and saves you with a few clicks of your mouse hundreds of hours of work and research. You can add all your pictures and documentation so that you final product will be a Family Tree that you can present with pride to your family.

Item # 800031288
Vendor# TOR001000
Contract# R105101

List: $129.95 Online: $119.95
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