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Alef Bet Trainer - Musical Puzzle
Alef Bet Trainer - Musical Puzzle - Educational Fun!
Alef Bet Trainer - Musical Puzzle brings Alef Bet to Life. Every Hebrew Letter is a different Puzzle on this CD... and everytime you play it changes the puzzle even if your replay the same scene! Never boring always a challenge. Beautiful Graphics full of music a great way for youngsters to learn Hebrew Letter Recognition...
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95 Special: $14.95
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Artscroll Alef to Tav - by Yaffa Ganz
Interactive Hebrew - English - French - Spanish Alef Bet Trainer
Alef to Tav is more than just another program. It is a landmark development in Hebrew Software. Developed in Israel by a highly motivated team of experts in education and multimedia it brings together the best of education and entertainment and forges a powerful teaching tool.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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It's Time to Learn Alef Bet - Your Way!
Intensive - Powerful - Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels Trainer
Alef Bet trainer is an indispensable tool for learning the Hebrew Alphabet. It teaches from the beginning – nothing is taken for granted. You will learn Hebrew letters, Vowels, and combining letters and vowels with proper pronunciation. It is fully interactive with positive feedback. Alef Bet Trainer teaches in an easy to follow step by step process of letter identification including distinctions in different but similar and often confused letters. This confusion is many times caused by mild Dyslexia - this program is ideal for addressing and correcting those challenges. After the letters are drilled the program moves on to Vowel identification and Pronunciation. The last step is the combination of letters, vowels and pronunciation. The program winds up with you well on the way to easy Hebrew Reading. Alef Bet Trainer gives you an excellent grounding and foundation in Hebrew Reading which will last for a lifetime. Today teachers have identified poor reading skills as the main reason children encounter difficulty at learning, and the problem only becomes worse as the child grows. Alef Bet Trainer is the answer to better reading and better grades. Give your child the chance to be the best he can be!
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $44.95
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Artscroll Alef Bet Word Book
Learn Hebrew Vocabulary through Pictures, Games, and Interactive Fun!
After Alef to Tav you are really ready for the next step... This delightful program will in a very short time teach you Hebrew Vocabulary... It will permit you to speak and sound like a native. Absolutely beautiful graphics, music and lots of educational fun. (Windows, Macintosh)
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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Read & Speak Hebrew the Montessori Way
Read & Speak Hebrew the Montessori Way - Manipulate the Letters Form Words & Sounds
Learning Hebrew the Montessori Way... emphasizes essential Letter recognition Skills, Vowels and grammatical usage, Proper Pronunciation in Israeli Sephardic Accent, Ability to manipulate Letters and build words. You'll understand how sounds are made and letters are combined into meaningful words and sentences. The program provides a wide variety of useful methods that will help you become proficient in Hebrew, including the ability to read Hebrew in traditional block letters and cursive script.

Please Note:If you already own Read & Speak Hebrew do not order this it will duplicate what you already have.

List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $39.95
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NEW Hebrew Tutor - Vocabulary Builder
Over 1,000 Key Words. Develop Hebrew Vocabulary. Teaches Correct Pronunciation
Hebrew Tutor teaches over one thousand words used in the Bible and daily Hebrew conversation. Just imagine how good it feels to control 1000 word Hebrew vocabulary. Approved by the New York State Board of Education.

Item # 931711061

List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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E-Z Hebrew Phrases
BEST RATED - Conversational Hebrew Study Tool!
E-Z Hebrew Phrases is the product that youve been waiting for. Over 1000 phrases in 60 chosen categories, designed to give the user the vocabulary and speaking abilities needed to converse in modern day Hebrew.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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Mr. Iceberg Teaches Hebrew
A Complete Hebrew Course for Children & Adults - Beginner - Advanced
A language course designed for children, ages 6 and up. Fun and Easy to use, it consists of software and a workbook. At the end of this course, the young user will know how to read and write Hebrew, and will have learned about 100 Hebrew words, as well as the history of the language. This process requires 20 to 30 hours and is accomplished using cartoons, exercises and interactive computer games.
List: $79.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $59.95
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Comprehensive Modern Hebrew
The Best Comprehensive Modern Hebrew Course Beginner - Advanced
Modern Hebrew is a comprehensive Hebrew language course. Learn to speak Hebrew in 21 interactive lessons designed by experts to help you learn Hebrew quickly and effortlessly. Improve and enhance your conversational skills and overall Hebrew language comprehension with this exciting program. Not only will you speak Hebrew - but you'll sound like a Native Israeli. If you don't have any Hebrew background, that's fine too. Modern Hebrew also teaches basic Hebrew reading, after which you can quickly immerse yourself in the main program material.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $59.95
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Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew
The Best Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew Course Beginner - Advanced
The most comprehensive program available for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books! This program includes everything you need to master reading, writing, analyzing, and translating Biblical Hebrew! Featuring 26 interactive and dynamic lessons, Biblical Hebrew contains a wealth of fascinating information, including summaries of each book of the Bible and a colorful atlas of Biblical maps. In addition the special section on Biblical Grammar simplifies and clarifies and makes learning Biblical Hebrew a snap!


List: $139.95 Online: $119.95
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Serious About Hebrew - College Level Hebrew Course
9 CD-ROM College Level - Biblical & Modern Hebrew Course - Includes Grammar
"Serious about Hebrew" is a comprehensive college level course in the Hebrew Language. Although this course is on a high level it is designed for Adults, from Beginners through Advanced. The course consists of nine audio-visual CD ROMs presenting the essence of the Hebrew language in way no other language program has ever done. The Course includes a 170 page Hebrew Study Workbook that you can use for study & review away from the computer. If you want a thorough Hebrew Language course that is entertaining but still very serious this is for you. "Serious about Hebrew" contains 16 lessons covering the Hebrew Language, with a BONUS CLASS in Aleph-Bet & Aramaic. You will learn Biblical Hebrew as well as Modern Hebrew. You will learn to Read & Speak. The course also includes our new 170 page DikDukBuk (Hebrew grammar lessons) in PDF format, so you can print the pages as you need them. The DikDukBuk is considered to be the most authoritative book available for the presentation of the Hebrew language. The Course also teaches you about the land of Israel by taking you on 17 Guided Tours to important Historical Sites. As you work through the course the tours are introduced and act as an interesting break from the intensive study of Hebrew. "Serious about Hebrew" is perfect for Schools, Home Schoolers and Students of Hebrew. It's like having your own Private Tutor. Work at your own pace and you'll appreciate the language of Hebrew.


List: $189.95 Online: $169.95
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