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Ages: 12 & Up

The Biker Boys - on DVD
A Hardy Boys Type Drama in Israel - Great DVD!
If you love the Hardy Boys - you'll love the Biker Boys. All filmed in Israel on DVD. Come now meet our heroes - "Hawk", "Einstein", "Big Mouth", and "Tiny" are part of the neighborhood bicycle gang that always manages to be where the action is. When help is needed these are the kind of guys you need, nothing can get in their way. Following a mysterious map, this lovable group of boys must solve challenging riddles to reach a long lost buried treasure. What they don't know is that they will also have to face off against a pair of terrorists who donít want anyone ruining their sinister plans. So join the Bikers and you'll have a great time - guaranteed!
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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Justice from Above - Filmed in Israel
A compelling Drama - About Trusting in G-d
Justice from above is a film you will be glad you saw. You'll like it so much you will want to share it with family and friends. This film is perfect for the whole family and although a Drama with plenty of action the lessons taught will last a lifetime. Filmed entirely in Israel and with local talent. The film exudes warmth and Jewish Values are taught in every scene. Join Nesanel as he rises from rags to riches in a most unusual way!
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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The Real Soldiers on DVD
A spellbinding drama in the Israel Defense Forces
The story centers on Barak Levin, a Bal Teshuva, a true hero, who is one of the best and brightest in his Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. His life suddenly changes with a surprise draft notice from the Israeli Army. All this, despite his deferment as an exemplary yeshiva student. Join Barak as he takes on the challenges of Army Life. Follow his long and arduous journey through an enthralling chain of events that will sweep you into the whirlwind of trials and tribulations of the life of a religious combat soldier. This spellbinding full length DVD drama is an adventure that brings out the best in people, Your family will enjoy this DVD as you cheer Barak on. You'll want to be there as he learns to confront and ultimately triumph in the face of adversity. And you'll find out what it means to be a "Real Soldier".
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $24.95
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Trope Trainer Deluxe (Includes 5 Megillot)
World's Best Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah Trainer Plus 5 Megillot!
The top Hebrew Bible reading trainer, TropeTrainerô Standard is a revolutionary new program that teaches Torah, Haftarah, and the Five Megillot chanting, making learning fun and easy. View and hear complete Biblical texts with your choice of melody, accent, speed, pitch, and voice.Works on PC or Mac
List: $189.95 Online: $169.95
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To Heaven & Back - The History of Hebrew Prayer
Double CD Set - Awe Inspiring Journey through History of Hebrew Prayer! - MP3
Prayer is an island of tranquillity amidst the turmoil of everyday life, for a few minutes everyday you can feel at one with yourself, at one with your creator and at one with the world around you. Rabbi Avremi Groner, presents a detailed guide through the journey and evolution of Jewish Prayer, from the spontaneous prayers of our ancestors to the structured prayer rites of today. Discover the deeper dimension of prayer, learn how to truly connect and enhance your relationship with G-d and lead a more meaningful and productive life. A creative exposition of Jewish Prayer, presented with insight and humour, and enhanced by deep kabbalistic insights, backed by soul stirring music. Inspire yourself, or share it as a gift with others, To Heaven and Back provides a stimulating and soul-stirring experience.
List: $49.95 Online: $44.95 Special: $29.95
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Comprehensive Modern Hebrew
The Best Comprehensive Modern Hebrew Course Beginner - Advanced
Modern Hebrew is a comprehensive Hebrew language course. Learn to speak Hebrew in 21 interactive lessons designed by experts to help you learn Hebrew quickly and effortlessly. Improve and enhance your conversational skills and overall Hebrew language comprehension with this exciting program. Not only will you speak Hebrew - but you'll sound like a Native Israeli. If you don't have any Hebrew background, that's fine too. Modern Hebrew also teaches basic Hebrew reading, after which you can quickly immerse yourself in the main program material.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $59.95
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Master Mishna Complete Set (also sold separately)
Ideal Solution for Mishna Study & Review - 6 CDís / 1 DVD
Master Mishna Complete Set - the perfect way to learn and review Mishna. Every word in all of Mishnayos read, translated and explained on 6 CD-ROMís (one CD for each Order)or 1 DVD. With Master Mishna you don't only see the Mishna w/vowels in the traditional page layout, you hear it explained in simple English. Just click anywhere on the Mishna and the lesson begins. Each word read aloud, each word translated, each Mishna explained. While listening to the Mishna you can click on any word Ė Hebrew or Aramaic -- and see an instant translation of that word with Master Mishna's exclusive Hebrew and Aramaic to English dictionary.


List: $389.95 Online: $379.95 Special: $189.95
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Discover Jerusalem
A Multimedia Tour of Jerusalem Past and Present
Discover Jerusalem is a multimedia experience... Join us as we uncover the rich history and secrets behind this most sought after city for the past 3000 years. Come discover your heritage in Jerusalem...
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95 Special: $19.95
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E-Z Hebrew Phrases
BEST RATED - Conversational Hebrew Study Tool!
E-Z Hebrew Phrases is the product that youve been waiting for. Over 1000 phrases in 60 chosen categories, designed to give the user the vocabulary and speaking abilities needed to converse in modern day Hebrew.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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Deluxe Jewish Art Library - Mega Collection
12,000 Professional Jewish Clipart Graphics on 6 DVDss
Choose from the largest collection of vector-based professional, editable, Internet ready graphics for Jewish Holidays and Jewish Life Cycle Events. 12,000 individual graphics - No Duplication. The Jewish Art Library is compatible with all popular home & business applications including: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, The Print Shop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many more! This Mega Collection is Original Art and comes in 6 CD-ROMs.
List: $239.95 Online: $189.95 Special: $89.95
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My Judaic CardShop
Similar to PrintShop but Jewish - Complete with Hebrew Fonts & Graphics
Here is a complete digital Card Shop. Now make your own cards in Hebrew and English even if you do not know Hebrew. It is a simple three step process anyone can be a designer & printer! You will dazzle everyone with your colorful creations! They can be emailed directly from the program with a single click of your mouse... or can be printed and mailed "snail mail".
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $19.95
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My Siddur Quiz
Ideal tool for understanding Siddur ( Hebrew Prayer Book)!
You don't have to be majoring in Hebrew Language to need My Siddur Quiz. Anyone and everyone who opens a Siddur to pray can benefit from My Siddur Quiz. My Siddur Quiz teaches EVERY WORD used in Daily and Holiday Prayers. Just imagine how good it feels to UNDERSTAND what you are saying and praying. EVERY WORD in Hebrew is a lot, You canít do better than thatÖ. It covers thousands and thousands of words in your Siddur (prayer book). Now with My Siddur Quiz you can become proficient and appreciate the beautiful words you otherwise may just mumble without understanding. You will feel your comprehension increase every time you use the program, and in turn you will understand more and more of what you are praying! Enjoy and be inspired by the beautiful Hebrew Prayers. An additional bonus with My Siddur Quiz is you can print your study words with the Translations to study away from the computer. Plus There is a fully Printable Siddur Dictionary that is included and can be used independent of the program. Lastly My Siddur Quiz will track your progress and will print personalized reports and certificates of accomplishment.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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Talmud Master
Amazing Feature Rich Interactive Talmud Trainer
Talmud Master... like its name implies will help the user Master the Talmud. Talmud Master will train and guide you through the "give and take" of Talmudic debate. It will systematically analyze the components of a Sugya ( A Gemara discussion or debate).It will help you understand key phrases and how the Talmud uses them to signal the flow of thought.
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $24.95
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Touch Typing Now - Hebrew & English
Best Rated Hebrew English Typing Tutor - Guaranteed Success!
In today's world knowing "how to type" is critical. Typing is no longer just a needed secretarial skill; today typing is a vital skill for everyone. Be it in Hebrew or English or both together, typing is the way the world's written communication takes place. Your ability to type quickly and accurately is one of the most basic and necessary skills, and without them you are at a distinct disadvantage. Our Touch Typing Now software is a technological BREAKTHROUGH in the teaching of Touch Typing, and success is virtually guaranteed. Touch Typing Now! is the only touch typing software you will ever need. It uses the latest in multimedia technology and creative teaching lessons for English and/or Hebrew keyboard proficiency. Whether you want to simply send emails or write a whole book in Hebrew or English, having the skill of Touch Typing will speed up your productivity, increase your accuracy, and get the job done in a fraction of the time! Be smart, think ahead and order Touch Typing today. You'll be happy you did - and the days of pecking on the keyboard will be over forever!

Please Note: Requires Internet Access for License Activation.

List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $69.95
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Against All Odds - Israel Survives - 6 DVD Set
The most touching - heart warming - inspiring and emotional Documentary about G-d & Israel
When the Roman General Vespasian and his son Titus smashed the city of Jerusalem and burned King Herod's (the Jewish) Temple, the Israelites (the Jews) ceased to be a nation. Those that survived were dispersed into the far reaches of the Roman Empire, a typical fate of any population that rebelled or defied the Roman government. The thinking was that a dispersed people would never again organize to rebel, and that they would cease to be identified as an ethnic group. Time alone would absorb them into the existing culture and forever erase their unique identity. But is was not to be. This is the true story as told by a CNN Investigative Reporter about G-d & Israel. This 9 hour DVD series must be seen. It has the capacity to bring out the best in us.
List: $89.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $39.95
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