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Judaic Book Shop Cookbooks

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Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes
Enjoy - Fabulous dining at home, with Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes!
Delicious & Doable! From Bangkok to Brooklyn, from Miami to Melbourne, Leah and Victoria bring you easy-to-prepare recipes, tips, and behind-the-scenes looks from more of your favorite eateries, cafes, grills, and restaurants! The original Secret Restaurant Recipes invited you into the kitchens of the world's finest kosher restaurants, bringing home entertaining and elegant dining to a new level. Now, in Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes, Leah and Victoria visit more of your favorite cafes, takeout spots, and restaurants to bring you recipes that are easy to prepare for any day and every day. In addition to over 100 family-friendly recipes, Leah and Victoria share fascinating vignettes about today's most popular kosher chefs and eateries. You'll enjoy reading as much as you'll enjoy cooking and eating. You'll find Stuffed Mushrooms from Brooklyn's popular Cafe Renaissance, Chicken Pad Thai straight from The Kosher Place in Bangkok, Bulgar Salad served in Israel's Greg Cafe, Mahi Mahi from the iconic Va Bene in Manhattan, and show-stopping Churros from Brooklyn's T Fusion - over 100 recipes adapted for home use, with accessible ingredients and quick prep time. Why order out when you and your family can enjoy fabulous dining at home, with Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes!
List: $35.95 Online: $34.95 Special: $24.95
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Secret Restaurant Recipes
Discover the secrets of the world’s best kosher chefs
The finest restaurants. The most talented chefs. The most delicious food. All in your kitchen. Discover the secrets of the world’s best kosher chefs. Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek authors of the bestselling Made Easy cookbook series, explored the kitchens of restaurants from Miami to Manhattan, from LA to London. Here are recipes, tips, techniques, and cooking secrets from today’s most acclaimed kosher chefs. Adapted by Leah and Victoria for home use, these recipes range from sophisticated and elegant to downhome delicious, from ultra-modern to beautifully traditional, all using accessible ingredients. Ready for something new? Try Chef Jeff Nathan's Popcorn Chicken, a specialty of Abigael's, in New York. Savor Zeppoli Doughnuts from California's Tierra Sur and enjoy a taste of Jerusalem with salad ideas from the famed Café Rimon and Red Heifer bistros, and many more. As in all their books, Leah and Victoria come with you into the kitchen to chat and share their personal tips. You will enjoy reading through the techniques and advice of the leading chefs in the best restaurants of the kosher world. You can experience the cuisine of top restaurants — and never have to wait for a table! Dozens of family-friendly recipes for any day of the week Secret techniques & cooking tips direct from the chefs Exquisite fullcolor photos for every dish Complete menus for your special occasions and holidays Recreate the recipes of... • The Prime Grill, New York City • Soyo, London • Trattoria Haba, Jerusalem • Pizza Pita, Montreal • Café Rimon, Jerusalem • My Most Favorite Food, New York City • Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse, New York City • Etc. Steakhouse, Teaneck • The Urban Grill, Mexico City • Red Heifer Steakhouse, Jerusalem • Reserve Cut, New York City • Citron & Rose, Philadelphia • Basil Pizza, Brooklyn • Milk Street Café, Boston • Mocha Bleu, Teaneck • Darna, Panama City • Milt's BBQ, Chicago • Gam Gam Kosher, Venice • Tierra Sur, Los Angeles • Java Café, Toronto & dozens more… Makes a super gift…
List: $29.95 Online: $27.95 Special: $26.95
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Joy of Kosher - Large Format
Great Gift - 384 Pages stuffed with great “tasting” real life doable recipes.
Jamie Geller, Best selling Author of "the bride who knew nothing", has done it again! In her newest cookbook, she shares more than 200 ideas for fast, fresh family-friendly recipes, each with tips on how to dress them up for entertaining or dress them down for everyday meals. Accompanied by gorgeous full-color photos, Joy of Kosher includes original ideas for authentically kosher, foolproof, flexible recipes for scrumptious, nutritious, and easy dishes -all with no slaving over a hot stove. Enjoy such delectable dishes as Crystal Clear Chicken Soup with Julienned Vegetables and Angel Hair (Dress It Down: Chicken Noodle Alphabet Soup), Garlic Honey Brisket (Dress It Down: Honey Brisket Pita Pockets
), Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (Dress It Down: Mac and Cheese Muffin Cups), and Gooey Chocolate Cherry Cake (Dress It Up: Red Wine Chocolate Cherry Heart Cake). Plus, Jamie offers a whole chapter on the art of making Challah, 10 sweet and savory recipes, holiday menus, plus a special Passover section. Hard Cover 384 Pages stuffed with great “tasting” real life doable recipes.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $21.95
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Kosher Elegance - Great Gift Idea!
More than a cookbook - this is the cutting edge of Kosher Cuisine
More than a cookbook - this is the haute couture of food, the cutting edge of kosher cuisine, where gourmet meets delicious and presentation is unparalleled. And if at this point you are shaking your head and saying, Not for me, thank you. I'm lucky if I can cut up a salad!, think again. These stunning recipes hold a wondrous secret: they are deceptively simple to prepare!
List: $49.95 Online: $44.95 Special: $39.95
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Award Winning - Going Kosher In 30 Days!
Kosher is in. And going kosher has just become easier than ever before! “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS” will teach the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher all the whys and hows of kosher. Over eleven million people will buy kosher food this year, and the numbers are growing. Today, more than 100,000 food products are kosher certified, with the average supermarket carrying nearly 25,000 kosher items. Learn what others have discovered. Keeping kosher is an extraordinary experience with countless physical and spiritual rewards. Set your own pace, advancing through “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS!” one day at a time. You’ll learn everything you need to know, from the early origins of kosher law, to how to bring kosher practice into your daily life. This book contains everything you need to launch your own personal path to kosher observance. Begin “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS!” today and live kosher with greater understanding and deeper satisfaction.
List: $24.95 Online: $22.95 Special: $14.95
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Dessert Time Kosher Cookbook
Over 200 Delicious Dessert Recipes At Your Fingertips
Over 200 delicious recipes to help make every occasion special! When you're in the mood for something tasty, why go searching through other cookbooks when Dessert Time has so many great ideas, all in one place! Regardless what your sweet tooth craves it's all here - right at your fingertips! Cakes, Cookies, Dairy desserts Parve Desserts, Ice cream and ices Mousses and pies, Drinks and fruit desserts easy to follow step by step instruction - success every time.
List: $24.95 Online: $19.95
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The Challah Workshop Plus on CD-ROM
World Famous Devorah Heller Challah Workshop + Essential Kitchen Tools
If you are interested in Baking Challah... you've come to the right address. Everything about Baking Challah starts and finishes with Devorah Heller. Devorah Heller is the best teacher you can have. She will take you step by step through the baking process so you will end up with the BEST TASTING CHALLAH. No classes to attend - just pop this CD-ROM into your computer and you will be amazed how fast you'll learn. Not only will you get the Full Devorah Heller Challah Baking Course you will get an essential tool for managing your kitchen.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $19.95
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Quick & Easy Desserts on CD-ROM
125 Quick Dessert + "How To Video" Design Gift Baskets
If you love fiddling in the kitchen - this CD-ROM id just for you. And even if you are not excited about cooking - if you like to eat - you'll love this CD. They say all that ends well, "is well." Well if that is true about life, it is certainly true about a meal. I mean a good dessert is what everyone remembers. And this special CD-ROM is chock full technology to help you make over 100 desserts and of course they are all Kosher and scrumptious. Plus, now you get a BONUS Video on "How To, design and make kosher gift baskets that stand above all others. Knowing how to make a good gift basket can be handy when it comes to Shalom Zachors, Kiddushim and of course for Purim.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95
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BUY ME - The Complete Recipe Organizer on CD-ROM
Unlimited Recipes - Keeps you Organized & Makes Every Meal a Treat!
Create tasty Quick & Practical and even Gourmet Kosher Meals. Schedule balanced meals based on nutritional values and healthy eating habits. Makes eating at Home Fun! Organizes and tracks your favorite recipes and cooking videos on your PC. Access all your recipes in seconds! Locate them by title, book, chapter, tags or a host of other choices. Other features include generating grocery lists, and easily printing recipes on 4x6 index cards or any size paper. This is the best Kosher Recipe Software on the market... Powerful, Practical and easy to use! Comes complete with full library of ready to use tested and proven great Old World and Gourmet Kosher Recipes. Plus Bonus Videos that teach you by showing you "How To" cook and present foods like a pro. This version has UNLIMITED recipe entry. That means you can download or enter as many recipes as you have. Add your recipes to the recipes includes and you will have a most useful Kosher Kitchen Library. Makes an ideal Shower Gift or Engagement gift!
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $39.95
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More Than Kosher Cooking
Get Smart and Inspired in Your Kitchen - Every Meal a Treat!
Create tasty Practical and Gourmet Kosher Meals. Schedule balanced meals based on nutritional values and healthy eating habits. Makes going out for Dinner boring! Organizes and tracks your favorite recipes and cooking videos on your PC. Access all your recipes in seconds! Locate them by title, book, chapter, tags or a host of other choices. Other features include generating grocery lists, and easily printing recipes on 4x6 index cards or any size paper. This is the best Kosher Recipe Software on the market... Powerful, Practical and easy to use! Comes complete with full library of ready to use tested and proven great Old World and Gourmet Kosher Recipes and the ability to add 20 of your own recipes.
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95
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Quick & Kosher
Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing !
This one-of-a-kind cookbook is a lifesaver! It contains more than 160 recipes requiring no more than 15 minutes to prepare, 120 full-color photos, clear step-by-step instructions, reliable prep and cooking times, tips and techniques, and advice on pairing wines with various dishes. Recipes range from traditional to exotic, and are well indexed and cross-referenced.
List: $39.95 Online: $37.95
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Kosher By Design Lightens Up
New! Picture-perfect food for the Holidays and every day
This sixth volume in Susie Fishbein's celebrated Kosher by Design cookbook series was crafted with your good health in mind! Kosher by Design Lightens Up is a gorgeous culinary guide, bursting with easy-to-do ideas for eating and feeling better. This cookbook teaches healthy cooking and food combining techniques, with special commentary by certified nutritional expert Bonnie Taub-Dix, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Assn.
List: $35.99 Online: $35.99 Special: $29.95
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Crafting Jewish
NEW! Fun holiday crafts and party ideas for the whole family
Looking for a way to stimulate family creativity and imagination? Welcome to the wonderful world of Crafting Jewish. Created by master crafts instructor Rivky Koenig, Crafting Jewish is a unique and beautiful book, designed both for experts looking for creative and unusual ideas and beginners just starting to discover the joy of crafting. Children and teens alike will find projects here that are easy enough for preschoolers and challenging enough for young adults. With clear step-by-step instructions, the author illustrates a large variety of crafting techniques, including decoupage, fruit decoration, and fabric painting. Learn to work with sea glass and polymer clay, and enjoy stamping, card-making, and memory crafting. While mastering these techniques and many others, discover the fun and joy of crafting, simultaneously enhancing the Jewish holidays - and every day - in the process.
List: $29.99 Online: $26.95
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Enlitened Kosher Cooking
More Than 250 Good-Carb, Healthy-Fat, Sugar Free Recipes From the Simple to the Elegant
Making informed eating choices is easy to do with the information you'll find in Enlitened Kosher Cooking. Educate yourself about carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Learn how to tailor your favorite recipes to suit your dietary needs. Comprehensive and comprehensible nutrition charts make it easy to determine portion sizes and food values. No more guessing and no more unknowing sabotage of your diet! Perfect for home, entertaining, and even for the holidays, Enlitened Kosher Cooking makes eating right delicious!
List: $39.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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Kosher By Design Entertains
Fabulous Recipes for Parties and Every Day
From an outdoor picnic to a formal anniversary dinner, Susie knows how to make your guests feel at home. And she shares her special touch with you --with all the warmth, style and expertise you’ve come to expect. Kosher By Design Entertains will give you the confidence to create a party your guests will never forget.
List: $34.99 Online: $34.99
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Kosher By Design - Kids in the Kitchen
Give your kids memories and skills that will last a lifetime!
Kids love to cook, and even the pickiest eaters will savor foods they prepare themselves. The recipes in this book are for real food, not silly novelties, your child can learn to prepare with ease. They're simple enough to give a child confidence in his or her ability to turn out great tasting, appetizing meals, and interesting enough to engage the parental chief chef. (You'll want to borrow these terrific ideas when you're not in the mood to prepare the sophisticated fare in Susie's other books!)
List: $23.99 Online: $23.99
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Kosher By Design
Picture-perfect food for the Holidays and every day
In this dazzling new cookbook, Susie Fishbein helps you prepare meals that look like you've spent hours in the kitchen, without the fuss.
List: $34.99 Online: $34.99
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Kosher By Design Short on Time
Fabulous food faster
140 fabulous brand-new recipes — all at the high quality that you have come to expect from the Kosher by Design series — with the busy person in mind.
List: $34.99 Online: $34.99
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The Taste of Shabbos
Delicious recipes, cooking hints, and inspiring thoughts that will enhance your Shabbos.
A Classic Kosher Cookbook from the Aish HaTorah Women's Organization, that will enhance your Shabbos table. Hard Cover. 162 Pages.
List: $24.95 Online: $22.95
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Salad Time 2: Kosher Cookbook
250 healthful and delicious salad recipes for you and your family to enjoy!
With 250 healthy and delicious new recipes for Vegetable salads, Fruit Salads, Pasta Salads, Dairy Salads, Meat Salads, Dips & Dressings, Salad Time 2 will soon become a favorite campanion in your kitchen!
Hard Cover, 122 Pages
List: $21.95 Online: $19.95
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